ICW registration and tuition costs


Registration Fee- $150.00 Application Fee- $25.00
These fees are per child and non-refundable.

Educational fee- $175.00 per student
This total includes the following: ODACS dues, Insurance, Art and Music fees, School Worx, Spring testing, and the Yearbook

Books- They are purchased at school and the price will be given on the Tuition Contract and payable in July.

Facility Fee- $150.00 per family

For new students:
K-5 through 8th grade entrance testing $25.00
9th through 12th grade entrance testing $30.00

K-5 Graduation fee- $30.00
Senior Graduation fee- $100.00


Tuition can be paid yearly or monthly. The school year starts in August and ends May. K-5 must be five by December 31.

K-5 $3700.00
1-2 $3900.00
3-4 $4100.00
5-7 $4300.00
8-12 $4500.00

School discounts

Second Child- $300.00
Third Child- $500.00
Fourth Child- 1/2 tuition
Fifth Child- Free

Additional discounts- There is a 3% discount off the year tuition for parents who recommend a student for our school and he/she is accepted. There is a 5% discount off the year tuition, if the total tuition and fees are paid in full by August 15. We do have some other family discounts.