School Newsletter

Different Character Trait Monthly

Students are taught a different Character Trait each month that would produce Christlikeness in their lives. When they display that trait during the month, they will receive a certificate.

Devotions each morning, Chapel on Wednesday

Each morning we start with our pledges, to the Christian flag, American flag, and the Bible. We sing "My Country tis of Thee", read the passage of Scriptures that are memorized that quarter, and have a devotion and prayer before going to class.
Chapel on Wednesday at 10:30 A.M., we have speakers each week to preach the gospel, invitations are given. Speakers include : Dr. Byron Foxx; Dr. Lee Godfrey; Rev. Paul Mitchell; Rev. Joe Amory; Rev. Kirk Hickok; Rev. David Crawford; and Rev. Rudy Waff. Parents are always welcome.