ICW School newsletter

August 2023

ICW Baptist School - Open House -August 11 at 7 P.M.

We are ready for our forty-fourth year to begin on August 21st at 8 A.M. and we thank the Lord for what He has accomplished through our school. There have been forty-seven graduates since 1980, "To God Be the Glory". We pray for each graduate that they will continue to live for the Lord.
Our theme, for 2023-2024, will be "HOLD FAST the form of sound words". II Timothy 1:13. Students have been taught God's Word and we want them to continue to study and live for our Lord Jesus. We need young people to take a stand for Christ.

We are accepting applications for the fall; if a student in Kindergarten will be five by December 31, he is allowed to be in K-5.
We are having Open House on Friday, August 11 at 7 P.M.
Remember, we use only Abeka curriculum through the 8th grade. In 9th through 12th, we use Abeka and Alpha Omega for all secondary classes.