ICW Baptist School

Grades K-12

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ICW Baptist School

Indian-Creek Welcome Independent Baptist Church, led by the Spirit of God, to establish a School, to provide a Christ-centered Quality Education for your child. Dr. Robert J. Amory started the school in 1980, with Rev. Bill Winstead as the first principal.

The school is a ministry of the church, to train boys and girls to know their academics to better serve the Lord. The motto is "Training the heart to serve." This has been our desire these past years. God has truly blessed, He has been so good to us. We thank the Lord for our dedicated, born again teachers that He has given us. It is our earnest prayer and the sincere desire of our heart to help develop young people to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their life. We cannot turn them over to the world system for an education.

Our school is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools and Old Dominion Association of Church Schools. We are a charter school for the American Christian Honor Society.

We do our best to instill in your child the principles that made our nation great. We offer the highest in spiritual and academic standards, a Classical Christian Education.

We have kindergarten thru 12th grade. We use the Abeka Book Publications Curriculum from kindergarten to 9th grade. We use the Bob Jones University Press Bible Curriculum in all grades. In senior high, we use Abeka for Math and English, then Alpha Omega Publications for History and Science, as well as, 11th and 12th grade English and some electives.

The Bible is the central textbook for all our courses and is taught on every grade level. We have weekly scheduled chapel sessions in addition to the Bible teaching in each classroom. With the Bible as the basis of all instruction, we desire to instill in each child the importance of knowing Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, and the importance of personal application of the Word of God in its principle of every aspect of life.

We have small classes in order to have individual attention. It is the objective of the teacher to bring the child up to grade level performance during the academic year.

Music Classes

Mrs. Marian Roebuck teaches Music and Handbells. Students have 30 minute Music class weekly starting in Kindergarten. They progress to Chimes then Handbells in learning the techniques for playing. In grades 7-12, they can play in our Handbell Choir. They can compete in ODACS Music Competition for Virginia. They have won regionals for 10 years and came in either 2nd or 3rd in state. We thank the Lord for our students' desire to use their talents for the Lord.

Each child is offered the opportunity to take Piano lessons taught be a qualified experienced piano teacher after school. (Additional cost)

Reasonable cost

Everyone is aware of the spiraling cost and what inflation is doing to the American family budget. Our plan is to keep cost within the reach of everyone. For those families having more than one child, special discounts are given. Also, there are other discounts available